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Tour to Chitwan National Park

Nurture Nepal Treks and Expedition would love to offer package tour to Chitwan National park to our travellers.Sauraha is the most important tourist destination in Nepal. Sauraha is located at Bacchyauli village in the eastern part of Chitwan district and is famous for obervation of various wild animals and birds. The Chitwan National Park, rich in natural beauty and biodiversity has become one of the most popular destination for tourist. Sauraha offers a multitude of activities suited for the entertainment of the tourist. It is possible to observe different wild anials and birds in the natural forest of the Chitwan National Park by riding an elephant or vehicle. The adventurous jungle walk, elephant ride, jeep safari, canoe ride, tonka ride, Tharu cultural program, camel ride, elephant bath, observation of wild life trophy exhibition, views of sunrise and sunset are the major tourist activities abailable in Sauraha. Similarly, the traditional culture of Tharu community is also the speciality of the area. Sauraha is famous for the study and observation of the indigenous tradition and cultual heritage of Sauraha. The Bachhyauli village considered the tourist heart of Sauraha reminds of both side by attractive resorts and foreign tourists moving around puts Sauraha in an equal footing to any tourist hotpots of Kathmandu. The new visitors are amazed by the number of attractive tourist places along the 7 km distance from Tandi Chowk to Saurha Chowk. The climbate here is surprisingly clean and cool despite being located in the middle of Terai. Elephant race, bullock art race, tonka race, canoe race and elaphant football competition are organized in Sauraha for tourism promotion every year towards the end of December. Even foreigners also participate in these competitions. Sauraha is located 7 km from Tandi along the East West Highway that is situated some 162 km west of Kathmandu. Tonkas, carts drawn by ponies, ferry tourist from Tandi to Sauraha. Flight from Kathmandu to the Bharatpur airport, 11 km away from Sauraha., takes 30 minutes. Regular tourist buses depart to Sauraha at 7 AM from Kathmandu, Kantipath. More than 70 hotels and resorts operating in Sauraha that serve the tourist.


  • Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days
  • Type of Trek: Easy
  • Minimum Pax: 1+
  • Max Attitude:
  • Mode of Travel: Wildlife Activities
  • Grade:

Activities in Chitwan National Park

Jungle Walk: Junle walk is one the adventurous and entertaining acitivity of Sauraha. One can walk through dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and the guides are not allowed to carry any weapon during the walks but the guides offer tips for safety at the start of the walk. the danger of suddend encounter with wild animals is always present during the junbgle walk. The majority of these encounters incolve wild elephants and rhinos. Thus maximum caution shold be exercised during the walk that provide opportunity to observe the wild life from upclose. It is always a wise decision to take the aid of experienced guide during jungle walk. The guides take the tourist for 5 to 10 km walk at one time offering a chance to observe the wild animals and birds. One should not make the slight noise during the wlk. Sauraha is a considered as the best destination in Nepal for Jungle Walk.

Elephant Ride: The national park area of Sauraha is most suitable for elephant ride. Elephant ride is also the safest way to enter the jungle while one can observe wild animals and birds from upclose. One can entrer the dense forest of Sauraha and view the wildlife from close proximity during the elephant ride. It feels very exciting and novel to move along throught the quiet forest listening to the sound of wild birds singing from on top of the elepahnt back. There is also a slogan "Visit Chitwan, Ride Elephant" popularized for promotion of tourism in Sauraha. Four persons can ride an elephant at one time.

Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari is an exciting ride on an open top jeep into the dense forest of jungle. It is possible to closely observe the wild animals as well as take their snaps during jeep safari. Jeep Safari offers relative safety from wild animals. As Jeep Safari are operated with regularly inside the jungle of Sauraha the wildlife are used to the right of jeeps carrying tourists, and generally do not run away when the jeep gets near. The safari operators also stop the vehicle of any wild animal is encountered or seen from a distance. Thus the jeep safari is an excellent way to observe the wild animals and travel through the jungles in Sauraha.

Canoe Ride: Tourist can also embark on canoe ride along the Rapti River inside the Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodiles and other wild animals. Tourist are excited to look at the crocodiles taking sunbath on the river bankds and take their photographs. The crocodiles basking motinalessly under the sun with their snouts wide. The chance to flow along with the river taking close look at the crocodiles and jungle on the river bank attract the tourist to canoe ride. It is also possible to reach Jagatpur, another tourist spot of Chitwan by canoe some 18 km downstreams from Sauraha.

Elephant Bath: Elepahnt bathing is also an exciting entertainment activity available to the tourist in Sauraha. The tourist can play with the elephants and dive in the river from the back of elephant while it is bathing. The sight of elephant bathing playing with humans is equally entertaining. It is even enjoyable to only view the elephant baths. There is a virtual xomperition between the tourists to take photographs of the bathing elephant. The elephants at times throw off the riders into water as per the instruction is exciting to the limit. Elephant bath is one of the major attraction of Sauraha.

Tharu Culture Museum: The Tharu Museum in Saurhara is famous for study and observation fo the people of the Tharu community and their culture. The museum ex hibits various equipments, utensils, dresses and daily items used by the Tharu community as wee as other aspects of their culture and lifestyle. It is the only Tharu culture museum of Nepal and is located 2 km east of Sauraha. It takes about 30 minutes walk or 10 minutes tonka ride to reach the museum.

Tonka Ride: The pony drawan tonkas are suitable for moving around the tourist areas of Sauraha. It is also a popular and dependable more of transportation in the are as there are no other forms of public transport. The tonka drivers have their work cut off during the tourist season driving the tourists through the different Tharu villages around Sauraha for sightseeing. The tonka rides are also a new experience to most tourists. both domestic and forign, thus are considered important in Sauraha. Tonkas are a popular choice to travel to and from Sauraha Chowk and Tandi Chowk.

Jungle Stay: There is also the facilty of night-sty in the jungle inside the Chitwanh National Park. Towers have been constructed inside the jungles for the protection of wildlife as well as to provide additional facility to the tourists. It is quite adventurous and exciting to spend the night in the middle of dense forest, those with experience say. And it is safe too as the towers are constrcted wll above the ground lever. Different wild animals can be seen from the towers in the night wihle in the morning the animals could be seen playing with each others. Tourists should make prior arrangement of experienced guides and food stuffs for jungle stay.

Tharu Culture Program: The Tharu Culture Program organized at Bachhauli plays a significant role to entertain the tourist visiting Sauraha and to introduce the Tharu Culture and tradition to the tourists. Majority of the tourist arriving at Sauraha have experience the Tharu culture program. Spectatiors get full entertainment by the Tharu dances. Dances like Danda Nach (Stick Dance) and Ago Nach (Fire Dance) Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are some the popular highlights of the culture show. The program start at 7.15 pm every evening and lasts for 45 minutes. The cultural program has helped spread awarencess about the Tharu culture through out the world.

Village Tour: The village tour is famous for close and personal observation of the Tharu culture. Tourists like to take village tour to witness the daily lifestyle and activities of the Tharu community. The Tharu community reside along the entire length of the Terai plains of Nepal but chitwan are is esp;ecially p;opular for their traditional culture. There is a chice between foot or tonka ride for village tour. It is advisable to take the aid of a guide during the tour to better understand the local customs.

Nature Walk: The natue along inside the Chitwan National park is well suited for study of various plant species and medicianal herbs. Both the foeign and Nepali tourists take the nature walk inside the Chitwan National Park as it contains numerios types of plants. Expert guides are extremely helpful to identify the plant species as weel as to provide additional information about the plants. Tourist interested in plants are expecially attracted to nature walk. Each tailored nature walk last for about 2 to 3 hours entering some 4 to 5 km inside the dense forests. Silince should be maintained while on nature walk.

Bishajari Lake: The popular Bishahari Lake of Chitwan is an attractive destination for tourist from home and abroad. The lake has been listed in the watershed regions in 2003 and has an area of 3200 hectares. The lake considered rich in biodiversity and natural beauty is also a major tourist attraction. Tourists flock at the lake to ovserve the astounding natural beauty surrounding it. The environment around the lake is also serene and peaceful. The surrounding lush gree dense forest add to the beatry of the lake. The seet sound of chirping birds seem to cast spell in the visitors who are oblivious to passage of time. The lake is extremely suited for observation wildlife and to lose onself amidst the nature. The dense forest around the lake also offers natural habitat for different wild animals. Aid of guide is advised during the visit to lake. The Bishajari Lake is at a distance of 8 km from Bharatpur along Hakimchowk, Gauriganj and Tharuchowk or 6 km along Gitanagar.

Bird Watching: Chitwan Natinal Park is also a magnet for avid birdwaters who can observe numrous species of resident and migrant birds here. Birdwatching is also one of the attractions of Sauraha. Many tourists arrive at Chitwan and go around Sauraha with thye sole intent of watching birds. The Chitwan National Park area is one of the best places in the world to observe and study various rere bird species. Apart from resident species, may migrating birds arrive at Sauraha in the winter from as far as Siberia as well as other places thousands of miles away. It is better to use guide for bird watching as the chance to view different species of birds increases if one takes the aid of expereinced guides. Separate zones have been identified in the National park for bird watching. The bird watching zone is not far then 4-5 km Good binoculars and camera are indispensable instruments during bird watching.

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