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Nepal Yoga Teacher Training

Nurture Nepal Treks Yogshala blends the traditional value of ancient yoga with contemporary patterns in an easy going way. The teachings are more

scientific initially, but later evolve to a spiritual method allowing for

a holistic and well-rounded approach to yoga. Our YTT program allows the

mind to regain peace and the body to recover its beauty and vital stamina.


Daily sadhana practices

Daily meditation and pranayamas

Daily Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice

Covering Hatha, Ashtanga and yoga philosophy

Daily asanas, mudras, and mantras

Daily vegetarian meals

27 nights accommodation

 27 day(s) with instructions


200hrs. YTT Program

The program is designed as per the Yoga Alliance standards and has a

strong foundation of teaching all elements of yoga that will make every

learner a master. The yoga instructor certification course is designed for

those who desire self-knowledge and complete understanding of the yoga

sutras to become a successful yoga teacher.


Ashtanga yoga

In the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, we cover thorough study of

primary series of the Ashtanga yoga and some parts of second series, that

is nadi shodhana. The classes are taught in accordance with the tradition

developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. The postures involved

in Ashtanga utilizes Ujjai Breath and Bandhas (Energy Locks). These asanas

help in the enhancement of concentration, flexibility and the muscular

strength. Our teachers make the student learn the postures perfectly using

the series of backbends, forward folding poses and inversions.


Hatha yoga

In our 200-hr yoga teacher training, we teach all the asanas involved in

Hatha yoga, from simple to advance. Our Hatha classes will allow you to

gently loose the stiff joints and sooth the aching muscles while calming

the mind. Proper breathing and peace of mind, students can gain a lot from

Hatha yoga postures that we teach during the 200-hour yoga teacher

training in Nepal.


Yoga philosophy

We also teach the philosophy of yoga in full depth in our 200-hour yoga

teacher training. We step deeper into the flow of yoga through the yoga

philosophy and increase the spiritual energy in our students through

awakening of the spiritual knowledge and connection with the divine

consciousness. Anchor yourself in the sacred core of the life through the

philosophy of yoga and vedas and serve the creative flow of life with love

and purity.



10 major vital energies and vital points of human beings

14 major nadis and importance of sushumna and chitra nadi

Anatomy and psychological study of inhalation and exhalation

Anatomy of the nerve and respiratory systems

Anatomy of the spinal cord and digestive systems

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

Bandhas - locks

External pranayama series up to 2 variations

Humor therapy

Inner pranayama series up to 3 levels

Introduction to Ayurveda, naturopathy, and the importance of diet and deep


Introduction to yoga sutras, Shiva sutras, kama sutras, and bhakti sutras

Kumbhaka (retention) and pause less or continuous breathings

Levels of concentrations and its refinements

Mantra yoga and its vibrations

Meditations and its practices

Mudras - gestures

Primary stage Kundalini yoga and its preparations

Shat-kriyas (cleansing) and other related therapies

Sun salutations with 12 surya mantras and there benefits

Therapeutic yoga for back problems, obesity, diabetic problems, high and

low blood pressure, etc.

Traditional and classical Hatha yoga

Transformational yoga and its practices

Various paths of yoga and its practices

Yoga Nidra basic series up to 4 levels



  • Country: Nepal
  • Duration: 25Days
  • Destination: Kathmandu/ Pokhara
  • Grade: 1
  • Accomodation: Yes
  • Meals: Yes
  • Transportation: Yes
  • Maximum Altitude: 810M-1340 M
  • Best Season: sep,oct nov.
  • Trip Overview:

    200 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

    This is the foundation course for learning various disciplines and

    guidelines of yoga. You will be taught about the skills to make your life

    streamlined. Its not only about physical fitness, but also mental

    stability and peace. It is a detailed course suitably certified by Yoga

    Alliance, USA. It is a basic course that makes your concepts right about

    yoga. It will make you feel confident about yoga and on its completion;

    you can also get registered as an YTT200 yoga teacher.


Sample schedule












Morning prayer

Classical hatha yoga

Pranayamas -Breathing practices


Yoga practicum and philosophy


Rest or Self-study

Yoga practicum

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

Meditation and its practices





Environmentally friendly


Luggage room


Free! Parking


Medical assistance

Tour assistance

Wireless Internet


The food is 100% vegetarian, following the balance of body and mind. The

time for food is fixed as per timetable thus promoting control among

students. The meals are hygienic and delicious.


Things to do (optional)

River rafting




Visit ancient Himalayan temples


1 t-shirt for yoga class

2 yoga books for self-study

27 nights accommodation

200hr YTT certificate

Comprehensive and detailed curriculum

Detailed teaching on communication skills for teaching

Detailed teaching on meditation, pranayama, asanas, mudras, sadhana, and


Exams on theory and praxis of yoga

Nasal wash pot

Vegetarian food served for the duration of the program

Outdoor yoga practice and meditation

Weekend social, cultural, and recreational activities

Weekly group discussion aimed to develop your critical skills

Yoga YTT manuals and materials

Check in Anytime if arrival is one day before course date.

Check out

Before noon

Group size

Maximum 30 persons

Transfers Taxi pick-up and drop-off.

Itinerary information

All YTT students are requested to be punctual based on the YTT timetable

and to attend all yoga course programs.

No classes on Wednesday and Sunday.

Only meditation classes and shirodhara of Ayurveda during full moon days.

Course information

The results of the training program cannot be guaranteed and your progress

depends on your effort during in and outside the class. Individual results

vary from person to person.

During the classes, mobile phones, cameras, and recording equipment are

strictly forbidden.

Seasonals information

September is the best months to visit as its very mild and

pleasant climate attracts spiritual seekers as well as tourists.


1 hand towel

1 personal yoga mat

Alarm clock

Laptop or tablet (if you like to use the internet)

Modest, casual, and comfortable clothes suitable for yoga

Notebook and pen

Small thermos or tea mug




Walking shoes

Water bottle

Travel assistance

Bus, train, and flight bookings can be arranged upon request.

Important information

Non-vegetarian food and drinks and other outside food are not allowed

inside the campus.

No friends and relatives are allowed to stay with yoga students without

any prior permission from the management.

Additional information

For more information ask your questions directly to who

will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button

to send a message.

Booking conditions


200 USD must be paid in advance to confirm your booking and the remaining

YTT payment must be made on the day of admission in the yoga school.

Our course payments are pre-contracted.


In any circumstances, the fees are non-refundable, non-negotiable, and


Accepted payment methods

Amex, Credit card, Debit card, Paypal

Pricing information

The prices for accommodation differ as per the selection of the occupant.

We also have a Wi-Fi internet, room heater etc, for which you have to

apply separately.

Property information

Alcohol, tobacco, smoking, and other drugs are not allowed during the course.